Styles of Cake Toppers

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake topper, it may be a little daunting due to the number of options and styles that are available to you. We have created this article to help highlight the most popular options and take the stress out of this part of your wedding plans.

Traditional wedding cake toppers
The original and most common type of wedding cake topper is a figurine of the bride and groom. Traditionally, these take the form of a romantic pose, made from a ceramic material allowing it to be kept after the wedding.

More recently, traditional wedding cake toppers have been updated and expanded to include cartoon styled figures and sometimes even including the family dog or cat! Some couples opt to turn themselves into animals for something a little less formal. If you opt for a figurine that is more modern, it is always a nice idea to have one designed to look like you and your family.

You are not restricted to ceramic or clay cake toppers either. Edible options made from sugarcraft are becoming increasingly popular and can be a more affordable option. One thing to note with edible cake toppers is that they can be more delicate and won’t last as long as their ceramic equivalents.

Monogram wedding cake toppers
For a more minimalistic, simple approach, many couples opt for monogram or lettering based toppers for their wedding cake. Traditional wedding cake toppers tend to be a love or hate topic with no middle ground so if you are a couple who thinks that they can be as bit garish, using your initials can make a less brash way of having a custom made cake topper.

The design of a monogram wedding cake topper can be as simplistic or detailed as you wish, with some designs incorporating hearts and even wooden styled lettering that adds rustic charm to any vintage styled wedding.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wedding cake toppers
If your wedding is on a tight budget, why not make your own cake topper? There are many websites, with tutorials for making many styles of wedding cake topper and you don’t need to be artistic to make many of them!

A quick search on a website such as Pinterest will give you plenty of inspiration and if you are feeling creative, why not give the DIY option a go?

Some examples of DIY styled wedding cake toppers include miniature bunting – perfect for a summer fete or vintage theme, the use of clothes pegs, cardboard cutouts and even using painted eggs (although this is a very acquired taste and not for everyone!)

Floral wedding cake toppers
If you have decided not to go down the traditional, monogram or DIY alternatives to your wedding cake topper, another affordable approach which is becoming increasingly popular is the use of flowers to decorate your cake. A simple floral arrangement can be made by your florist to match your bridal bouquet or other wedding flowers. This simplistic approach can really tie in a wedding colour scheme.

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