Things to consider when choosing a wedding cake topper

There are many things that you could consider when choosing a wedding cake topper, so we have created this list to help in planning this stage of your wedding.

Firstly you need to decide on the style of your wedding cake topper. Are you going to stick to traditional elegant figurines, opt for a fun and tongue-in-cheek cake topper or something less obvious in the form of flowers or monograms? When you are choosing your wedding cake topper, you need to reflect your personality and ideas for your own big day. If you want a funny cartoon style cake topper, don’t worry about offending older guests. Choose what you want, after all it is your wedding!

The size of your wedding cake topper really depends on the size of wedding cake you will be having. There is no point in ordering a tiny cake topper for a large cake base, and the same goes for a small cake. The size needs to compliment your wedding cake without overpowering it. You will choose the size of the tiers for your wedding cake when you finalise details with your baker, and it is always useful to create a cardboard cut-out of your wedding cake to see what your chosen wedding cake topper will look like in situ.

Although wedding cake toppers generally don’t break the bank, it is important not to get carried away and to stick within your budget. Some couples forget to budget for their wedding cake topper entirely, so always make an allowance for added extras like this, or a contingency fund. Cake toppers can cost as little as a few pounds, all the way up to a few hundred so be sensible and choose one that fits within your budget.

If you want to keep your wedding cake topper once you are married, you’ll need to opt for a ceramic or non-edible material. If you are having a floral arrangement, fresh flowers will only last in the region of a week or two, so if keeping your topper is a priority, choose silk or fabric flowers instead. If you aren’t worried about saving your wedding cake topper, you can choose an edible version made from sugar craft, which can be eaten or disposed of after the wedding.

This list isn’t exhaustive and there may be other factors to consider when making your decision; including environmental or supplier issues. Just remember to have fun and enjoy making your final choice.

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