Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

If you are in the middle of planning your wedding, choosing a wedding cake topper is probably one of the least important tasks on your to do list. There are always so many plans and appointments to keep, that it can easily be overlooked. Every couple enjoys wedding cake tasting appointments, with all of the different suppliers giving samples of the flavours on offer since they are all trying to win your custom, but when it comes to choosing the decorative elements of your cake it can be easy to forget the wedding cake topper.

If your wedding is of a certain theme it can be really easy to tie in a wedding cake topper to match by choosing complementary colours or styles, and adding that little detail will be sure to get noticed on your wedding day. An example of how they have been used previously in a themed wedding include sport styled cake toppers of a couples’ favourite sport or hobby. A big positive about cake toppers is that they can be inexpensive yet very unique to you and your own big day.

Another reason to choose a wedding cake topper is their meaning, being togetherness. Although they can be less traditional in design with novelty styles, older wedding guests will be wondering why you don’t have one if you leave it out. They can make a wedding cake look complete for photographs too. Just remember to be careful when cutting the cake so that it doesn’t fall off.

After your big day, you will want to cherish and remember as many details as possible and if you opt for a ceramic or clay based wedding cake topper, you can easily keep it after your wedding as a keepsake. Some families even pass them down to their children as a romantic good luck charm when they themselves get married.

When you are choosing your wedding theme, colours and cake, don’t forget about your wedding cake topper. After all, the little details really add to the charm of a wedding!

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