What are Wedding Cake Toppers?

Wedding cake toppers have been popular for many decades, although it is quite hard to calculate when they were introduced. There are many historical stories surrounding the origins of wedding cake toppers; the most probable involving a baker who designed the first ever cake topper for his daughter after she asked him for something to symbolise the love between bride and groom.

Moving forward through the decades, many brides used their wedding cake toppers as keepsakes, especially through the world war years with the possibility of losing their groom on the battlefield. In the 1950s, wedding cake toppers became more popularised with the symbolisation they portrayed as “togetherness”. Although the wedding cake topper is not a tradition that one has to adhere to, they do make a unique and decorative addition to your wedding cake.

Back in the 1950s and previous decades, wedding cake toppers generally consisted of a bride and groom figurine which was kept for many years after the wedding. More recently, couples have had a multitude of choice when making the decision as to the type of wedding cake topper they would like at their wedding. From comedy style poses, animals and minimalist figurines to more vintage or rustic looking lettering or bunting arranged above a floral arrangement, the possibilities are endless.

Many couples still choose to have a ceramic or clay style wedding cake topper, since it allows them to keep it as a keepsake and reminder of their special day for years to come. These kinds of toppers are not the only option however; edible cake toppers made from sugarcraft are also available and can look just as elegant.

Wedding cake toppers don’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of alternatives that range from do-it-yourself that cost a few pounds or simplistic bulk made cake toppers right through to custom made commissions. These will always be more expensive, with some custom made designs costing hundreds of pounds.

There really are no rules when it comes to commissioning your own individual wedding cake topper. If you would like your children or family pet included in the composition, there is nothing stopping you! It is, however always a good idea to keep things in keeping with the theme of your wedding, so if you are planning a romantic, traditional themed wedding keep things tasteful.

No matter what style of wedding cake topper you choose, make sure that it represents your personality as a couple. Don’t be scared to have a little fun with this decorative addition to your wedding cake and if you decide to have a ceramic or non-edible cake topper, it might be a lovely idea to pass it down through your children as a keepsake – it could easily cover the “something old,” option!